DS 536 - Daddies in Jail

DS 536 - Daddies in Jail

Okay in this final Lean on Me edition of Da Sharpshooters we discuss the following:

  • El Patron(Alberto Del Rio) free
  • CM Punk’s new career
  • GFW new commentator 
  • Raw & Impact report
  • Listener Feedback
  • and more!

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Hope you enjoy the show, and remember as always stay sharp!

DS 535 - The Old & The New

Okay so this episode got away from me. I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself. The title makes sense, some what, and we are still the longest running all black african american wrestling in iTunes. Just the segments in between segments are scenes from a movie classic(in my opinion).

In this ridiculous episode we discuss:

  • WWE Network UK issues
  • GFW news
  • Cruiserweight division 
  • Raw & Impact Reports
  • Listener Feedback
  • And More

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Stay Sharp!

DS 534 - Rhaka Khan's Returns!

As Da Sharpshooters slowly step into the holiday season, the guys wonder and wonder when is Impact Wrestling suppose to die again. This show is a bit short only a hour. Not intentional, but Eric has a cold, and Marcus hasn’t slept for days. Even though the episode is short it’s still packed with entertainment from start to finish... I think.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Impact Wrestling survival
  • Alberto Del Rio claims racism
  • Shelton Benjamin's ex-Mama claim racism and harassment. 
  • Raw & Impact reports
  • Listener Feedback contact us dasharpshooters@gmail.com or facebook.com/dasharpshooters

Hope you enjoy the show and remember to Stay Sharp

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