DS524 - Death in the Womb

Most times I have a post that explains how epic this show is going to be. But this show isn't about us. This show is about the guy who died at the docks. We shall honor this man with this amazing episode. This show is dedicated to the dude who died at the docks. My he rest in peace.
Happy Labor Day!
In this edition of Da Sharpshooters we discuss:
- Jake Roberts & Billy Grahams health
- Eric's new obsession
- The Monday Night Wars on the WWE Network
- Impact & Raw reports
- And So much more
Hope you enjoy and remember to Stay Sharp!
Episode 524 - Death in the Womb

DS 523 - Just Like The Simpsons

On Wednesday Da Sharpshooters will be 9 years old. With over 500 episode in the can, we are proud of the longest reigning episodic all african american wrestling podcast in iTunes. At this rate we will have just as many episodes as the Simpsons. But only if they cancel the bloody Simpson. Just cancel them already just....(cough) sorry about that.
On this exciting episode we discuss
- The Alberto Del Rio/El Patron situation 
- Smackdown moving to Thursday
- Impact and Raw reports
- Listener feedback
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Hope you enjoy this amazing episode and remember 
Stay Sharp!

DS 522 - Our Soapbox

DS 522 - Our Soapbox

In this tribute episode to the late great Robin Williams we discuss

  • ADR getting fired!
  • Roman messy meal
  • Smackdown moving to Thursday
  • Impact and Raw report
  • Listener feedback

And More

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Hope you enjoy the show

Stay Sharp!

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