DS 527 - The Champions(The Piano Lady)

In another legendary episode of Da Sharpshooters Wrestling Podcast we are graced with Sharpie Wife’s harmonies piano playing. Also this is our final episode before the WWE Night of Champions event. 

On this episode we discuss:

  • Roman big injury
  • Eric visits Wrestlemania 31 venue
  • WWE 2k15(ranking wrestlers)
  • WWE’s new deal with Fox
  • Impact & Raw Reports
  • Listener Feedback
  • ABW: Ryan Reynolds movies
  • And More

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Hope you enjoy the episode and remember as always Stay Sharp!

DS 526 - The Takeover

13 years ago Jay-Z release one of his best albums the Blueprint. On that album was a track produced by Kanye West called “The Takeover” This episode is not about that track or that album. This edition of Da Sharpshooters is titled after NXT Takeover II Fatal Four Way.

Okay so that’s a bit of a weird intro to an episode, but whatever I’m hot tired and can’t think of anything clever to say. Wait until you get to some of the break music that’s when things really get weird.

In this edition of Da Sharpshooters we discuss:

  • The death of Sean O’Haire
  • Vince Russo v. Spike tv
  • Raw, Impact, and a special NXT report
  • Listener Feedback 
  • And So much more

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And remember as always Stay Sharp!

DS 525 - Football

Football, Football, Football, and Football. After further review wrestling did not do it for us this week. Raw is a jumble, and Impact is... well Impact. On this unintentional short edition of Da Sharpshooters Wrestling Podcast Da Sharpies discuss the following:
  • CM Punk sues WWE
  • Alberto Del Rio again
  • TNA dropping the ball again
  • Football
  • Football
  • Raw & Impact reports
  • Listener Feedback
  • And of course much more

Email us dasharpshooters@gmail.com or Facebook Facebook.com/dasharpshooters

Hope you enjoy this short edition of the show. And remember as always
Stay Sharp!

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