Jul 16, 2006

DS87 - Victory Road

Da Sharpshooters Ep. 87 - Victory Road

We are on the road to Victory and we did not take TNA with us. TNA's Victory Road pay per view is today but because of a lackluster card we will not be traveling the road with the likes of Monty Brown, Abyss James, and Scott Steiner. Instead, we chose to visit someone who really needed an uplifting. We went and saw Eugene who was still recovering from the toilet incident. Honestly, all of this I have just said has nothing to do at all with episode 87 but oh well - Eric

In this episode we disucuss the following:

  • News 0:42
  • ECW 20:21
  • WWE 42:58
  • L. Feedback 1:11:32
Click here for episode 87 - Victory Road

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