Sep 6, 2006

DS102 - Contract

Da Sharpshooters Ep. 102 - Contract

Signed, sealed, and delivered Da Sharpshooters have signed on the dotted line. Which dotted line you asked? The dotted line for episode 102. With the influx of contract offerings that are going around it only seem right that Da Sharpshooters signed a contract created by ourselves. Well that is enough rambling in this episode we discussed the following:

  • News
    • Great Khali update
    • Bobby Eaton news
    • Raw vs. Smackdown 2007
    • Kurt Angle's situation
  • Raw Report
  • ECW Report
  • Listener feedback
Thanks to Jimbo for providing the song by the Macho Man that played at the end of the show.

Click here for episode 102 - Contract

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