Oct 10, 2006

DS112 - Nothing Special

Da Sharpshooters Ep. 112 - Nothing Special

Well the season premiere of Monday Night Raw has come and gone. Besides the new graphics and theme song it was nothing special. On the night when all of the rosters were merged together again WWE let everyone down because there was minimal interactions between the brands.

Sure the champs, Booker, John, and Big Show, started the show off but eventually that just led to matches that did not make much sense into helping the show progress. Then of course you got another edition of the DX show rammed down our throats which led to the destruction of Cade and Murdoch.

Many may ask what did we expect from this season premiere. In all honesty I was really hoping for a show like they did when they had the Eddie Guerrero memorial show. That show was awesome because it was a integration of all of the brands just wrestling for one cause. Honestly, isn't that what we tune in for each week wrestling. Well unfortunately this season premiere did not live up to the past, but hopefully it leads to a better future.

Okay I have ramble long enough in this episode we discuss the following topics:

  • News 0:42
  • WWE 25:55
  • ECW 1:12:30
  • Feedback 1:27:07
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