Apr 15, 2008

Adamle Talking Dangerous

If you have listen to any of our older shows you know that I am a huge fan of ECW, but things may have changed. Tonight, Tazz announced that Joey Styles was leaving to work on WWE.com and Mike Adamle was taking over as lead announcer. My stomach cringed at the thought but I was going to give him a chance.

Adamle has to go down as the worst play by play announcer in professional wrestling. Apparently, he forgot how to talk and froze up numerous times. Not talking was probably the highlight of his night because when he did talk he confused wrestlers and moves.

Tazz did his best to try and carry the show but one man can do so much. During the eight man tag match Adamle said "Ja making me crazy" when Kofi Kingston went on the offense. He also forgot the all important "E" in WWE and those are only a few examples.

The worse thing about his announcing was that you could tell when he was being instructed through the headset because his delivery was so unnatural.  On several occasions he called a move after it had already past and had no reaction, causing me to question if he was watching the match.

Adamle should not have to carry all of the blame. People already knew that he was horrible on live television but WWE felt they could mode him into something marketable. I do not think that is the case.

I know we have given Tenay, West, and even The Coach a hard time for their announcing but this by far is the worst. Without a background in wrestling Adamle is a fish out of water. WWE should have educated him about pro-wrestling before unleashing him on us. I would not be surprise if Joey Styles is back next week, but for the first time I guess ECW is living up to their theme and talking dangerously. Batista wasn't available?

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Adduc said...

I didn't get a chance to watch ECW, but I can imagine from previous occasions watching Adamle's interviews and in-ring skits how bad it would have been, but the WWE has no option right now. They wasted a lot of money on him, and they want to get the most out of it. Give him a few weeks and then pass judgment. I think the majority of smarks right now loved JBL on commentary, and I know a few podcasts that were on the fence the first few weeks of the new gig.

At the very least, in a months time compare him to Coach on commentary. The Coach has had a few years on him between Heat, back those few months on Raw, and subbing on nights other commentators couldn't make it. Adamle hasn't had that experience yet. Sure, he could have had a few starter weeks on Heat, but that's about the only mistake I think the WWE has made here.

Hope you read this, Adduc.