Jul 13, 2008

DS249 - Poopy, Alive or Dead?

The word, Poopy, has not had this much action since the early years of our life. This one word created such a buzz about how corny and cheesy John Cena's character has become. The ironic thing about it though is that we do not care and did not find anything wrong with it, go figure. So with the help of Kane and John Cena we shall ask the following question: Poopy, alive or dead?

We hope you enjoy the show, and next week we will be live on Stickam once again. Join us as we record the show at 5pm PST. As you may well know dealing with us times are subject to change so make sure you follow us on twitter for any changes. Until next week stay sharp, sharpy nation.

Episode 249 - Poopy, Alive or Dead?

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