Nov 9, 2008

DS265 - Wild Hogs (3 Shots to the Chest 1 to the Head)

When watching TNA this week we realized that the Main Event Mafia is very similar to Wild Hogs.

To summarize Wild Hogs it is about a group of old guys trying to reclaim their manhood and glory does that sound familar, probably so.

However, this was not the only suggestion for the show title. Marcus wanted to call this show three shots to the chest and one to the head. Unfortunately, you have to listen to the show to find out what that means.

We hope you enjoy the show and until next week stay sharp. Oh yeah sorry about going over three hours again.

Episode 265 - Wild Hogs (3 shots to the chest 1 to the head)

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QuestionKing said...

Regarding your comment about black people in Mississippi. Black People in Mississippi have the same rights as white people there. I should know i live there.

Love the show keep up the good work.