Jul 23, 2014

DS 519 - Irretrievably Broken

Irretrievably, irretriveably...I have no idea how to pronounce this word. The definition is not retriveable; impossible to recover or get back. 

So Randy Orton done screwed up his marriage and is in the middle of a divorce. But it's okay he gets to keep the Bentley, his guns, and seveeral of his bank accounts after his divorce is finalized. Maybe in one years time when I divorce myself from Da Sharpshooters I can leave this relationship as well as the Viper.
In this episode we talk about:
- Jim Ross interview with Kurt Angle
- Who is Prince Devitt?
- Randy's Divorce
- Impact and Raw reports
- Listener feedback(Email dasharpshooters@gmail.com - Facebook.com/dasharpshooters)
Hope you enjoy the show. And remember stay sharp!

DS 519 - Irretrievably Broken

Thanks Steve for the intro

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