Jan 18, 2015

Da Sharpshooters 542 - Queen Of Dubstep

First of all happy MLK day to everyone in the United States. With that being said Da Sharpshooters have a dream. That one day dubstep will be completely eradicated from Havok’s theme song. Also we have a dream to remove the “New Day” from WWE and to rid the world of horrible black characters on my wrestling program. Impact Wrestling may have the answer to that with the BDC(Beat Down Clan)

In this episode we discuss
  • Kevin Nash Heath Slater legal issues
  • Super hero wanting to guest host Monday Night Raw
  • Ashely Massaro and Sunny feud. Seriously 
  • Raw and Impact report also New Japan on axis
  • Listener Feedback
  • And More
Hope you enjoy the Show

Stay Sharp!

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