May 3, 2006

Da Sharpshooters Ep. 66 - Rebuilding

Da Sharpshooters Ep. 66 - Rebuilding

In this episode we discuss the following:

WWE Backlash PPV
WWE Monday Night Raw
Listener Feedback

We ecourage everyone to send us ideal so we can develop another segment for the Tuesday show. So if you have any ideals please send them via email or Skype. Thanks

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1 comment:

BBally81 said...

Yo! Hey Sharpshooters

This is Badre Bally from Egypt. I'm a big fan of your shows, I may not agree with everything you say, you guys ROCK! I'm more of a fan of Japanese Strong Style. About Hulk Hogan you're right about him in a lot of things however he's a good wrestler, you just have to see his Japanese matches he can do some cool submission moves (He's no Bret Hart or Antonio Inoki but he is a good wrestler, its just WWE push him as a Power Wrestler only)