Sep 10, 2006

DS103 - Finlay

Da Sharpshooters Ep. 103 - Finlay

This show is titled Finlay because he put some work in this week on Smackdown. First he defeated Rey Mysterio in the opening match and then he destroyed the Animal Batista after his championship match. So there is no better honor that we could bestow on Finlay than naming episode 103 after him. In this episode we discuss the following:

  • News 2:09
    • Randy Orton tested for drugs
    • Kanyon comeback attempt
    • Wrestlers in the doghouse
    • TNA trying to acquire new talent
    • Scott Hall wants to return
  • TNA Impact Report 21:26
  • WWE Smackdwon Report 46:17
  • Listener Feedback 1:15:24
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