Sep 13, 2006

DS104 - Masterpiece

Da Sharpshooters Ep. 104 - Masterpiece

During this episode we discovered that we may have a female listener. This revalation spark the Grand Finale into a array of emotions. If you listen to any portion of the show make sure that you listen to the end. This portion of the show the Grand Finale explains how he would entertain Lita if he went out with her and then he realize that he couldn't handle a woman so he had to go to the place that he feels really comfortable.

Anyways with that out of the way the show is titled Masterpiece because there were numerous art references and Hardy created a Masterpiece that was destroyed by Nitro. In this episode we discuss the following:

  • NEWS 1:56
  • WWE 17:50
  • ECW 46:56
  • FEED 1:00:55
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