Mar 13, 2007

DS154 - Fire Russo?

Da Sharpshooters Ep. 154 - Fire Russo?

Guess who is taking all the heat for the TNA pay per view. You guessed it Vince Russo. The question I ask though is it all his fault. The crowd wants him fire but last time I checked it was a committee that book the show. Everyone should look at themselves and realize that they are not plugging the holes in TNA but they are making them bigger. TNA as an organization should have been in the last rites match because they need to make a choice if they want to live or die in this industry. The question is how do you follow a gimmick pay per view, thats simple have a gimmick main event for the next one. TNA only one man can help you know and it's not Vince Russo.

Click here for episode 154 - Fire Russo?

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