Feb 22, 2009

DS268 - Spit On This

There are not any words that can describe how good it feels to type this post right now. Everything has calm down to a certain level and we were able to sit down and record a new episode. We have not watch TNA in over 3 months and the craziest thing it does not seem like we missed much.... oh well. We are back and we hope you enjoy this episode and until next week STAY SHARP!

Episode 268 - Spit On This


Malachi Constant said...

Great to hear everything is calming down over there. Looking forward to hearing the show. Dare I dream of the return of the Wrestlemania Roundtable in the next month or so as well? ;)

EatCereal said...

He's coming back to the nation of shooting....

he's coming back w/ a all new venom.

Sharpshooter unite his return is forthcoming.