Aug 4, 2010

DS338 - Licking Enemies

I thought pissing on someone was bad enough after you dropped them but Raven took it to another level last week after laying Dreamer out. How does an enemy licking encourage us to watch another episode of Impact? With HardCore Justice around the corner I hope they figure things out before it's too late, I have all the confidence in TNA to f up this reunion show.

We hope you enjoy this episode and until next week stay sharp! BTW the missing Impact segment is included in this episode, we know some of the listeners did not miss it but we recorded it and it needs to be release.

Also, if you haven't check it out already I did an interview with Johnny Kashmir on his blog. It was a great experience and it was an humbling experience to actually have someone care about the inner workings of our podcast. Thanks, Johnny and keep up the good work.

Episode 338 - Licking Enemies

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