May 24, 2015

Da Sharpshooters 558 - 2 1 & Cena

Da Sharpshooters 558 - 2 1 & Cena

On this epic edition of Da Sharpshooters Wrestling podcast Eric and Marcus “The Grand” Finale discover a street they never want to go down. Rusev went down that street and he lost everything. 

With that being said here’s what we discuss on this episode

  • TNA Cancelled...Again
  • Samoa Joe arrives in NXT
  • NBA Playoffs
  • AAA event(just a little)
  • TNA Wrestlers where are they going to go
  • Raw report/NXT Takeover Unstoppable 
  • Listener Feedback 
  • And More!

Hope you enjoy the show

Stay Sharp!

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